Benefits You Will Reap When The Dog Wash Service At Clean Edge Car Wash

Plenty of people nowadays have pet dogs that have become a big part of either small or big family, with most of these dogs living inside the house and even sleeping in the bed beside their owners. However dogs often get dirty and smell bad, which signifies bath time.

However this can be a big challenge, particular for bigger and even smaller dogs that are afraid of water. While these moments make it difficult to have the dogs in and out of the bath tub, there’s a remedy in the form of dog wash center.

A dog washing service has become a very famous way to wash and bathe a pet dog. Clean Edge Car Wash offers dog washing facilities that will pamper pet dogs to make sure they feel very special.

The dog wash areas at CleanEdgeCarWash are unique bathing stations where you are going to find all that you need to have your dog smelling and looking great and clean. They provide everything that you need, from shampoo to professional dryer, towel to apron – everything is just provided. At Clean Edge Car Wash’s dog wash, you will feel no more knee pain or back strain from bathing your pet dog as the bathing stations are tailored in a comfortable height when bathing pet dogs.

Here are some important benefits you will reap when you choose the dog wash service of Clean Edge Car Wash:

  • Self-service dog wash. You bathe your favorite dog, they will clean and take good of the mess you left.
  • They offer flea rinse, disinfectant, shampoo and conditioner through a “soft wash” gun with warm and gentle water which is adjusted to the temperature of the seasons.
  • Cost efficiency. For just a few bucks, you can have your pet dog look and smell clean in just 10 to 15 minutes of the time.