Benefits of Using Wooden Barrels in Aging Wine

Clay pots are used in storing wine before, but when trading was developed, it turned into wooden barrels. Primarily, its main reason is to maximize space in transporting wine and less waste because it is not fragile.  Because of these trades, they accidentally discovered that wine becomes more tasty when it aged in oak wood barrels. It is one of the reasons why today, wooden oak barrels are still used in aging wine.

Almost without exception, oak wooden barrels are the best storage for the finest wine all over the world. It can enhance wine flavors, provides smooth texture and makes the taste more subtle. The wood is also non reactive so it is totally safe for human use. Moreover, storing wine in oak barrel has two major benefits. These are the below.

  1. Red wines stored in barrels have limited oxidation. Because of controlled oxidation, astringency decreases while the stability of wine colors is increased. The soothing aroma of the wine is also enhanced during the oxidation process.
  2. Textural and flavor of the wine are enhanced while it aged in the barrel. Among those oak flavors that is infused with the wine are the notes of tobacco and tea, sweet flavoring, vanilla, and the eugenol spices. These compounds improve taste and aroma of the wines.

With these benefits, generations to come will never wonder why over the next centuries to come, oak barrels is not indispensable when it are perfect in preserving and storing the finest wines. You can always buy for custom oak barrels in the market.